Pecorino wine, a delightful white Italian grape variety, has its roots intertwined with Amadio’s family heritage. Originating in the charming regions of La Marche and Abruzzo, Italy, this soft and gently nuanced wine boasts a natural high acidity. Showcasing subtle notes of zesty lemon and the earthy essence of wet stones. Its character is further enriched by a delicate creaminess that blankets the palate, ensuring a harmonious and expansive tasting experience.

This wine serves as the perfect accompaniment to an array of culinary delights. Such as the silkiness of fish and briny allure of oysters or the rich succulence of roasted duck. Equally, it can pair with the comforting embrace of pasta. Its versatility is a true testament to its exceptional quality.

The Horse & Cart Series stands as a heartfelt tribute to the legacy of Giovanni Amadio, the pioneer winemaker of our esteemed family. During the early days, he traversed the Adelaide markets using a trusty horse and cart, delivering freshly harvested produce from Felixstow, South Australia. Drawing inspiration from his Nonno’s indomitable spirit, Danniel Amadio crafted this series to mirror his ancestor’s distinctive and audacious persona. More wines from Amadio’s historical and captivating Horse & Cart Series, see here.

2023 Wine Showcase Magazine New Release: 2022 Pecorino – 95 Points / Gold
2021 Winestate Magazine New Release Wine Awards: 2021 Pecorino –  93 Points / Gold