This is the first-ever commercially available Kangaroo Island Pinot Noir. After years of carefully nurturing these vines, we were blessed in 2019 with our first yields. It has a medium-bodied palate consisting of fresh fruit flavours like cranberry, raspberry and cherry, that are entwined with cola, caramel, liquorice, vanilla, clove with hints of tobacco. Best paired with mushroom risottos, white pizzas or wild mushrooms.

In 1991, fifth – generation Islanders Michael and Rosie Florance joined with the Amadio Family to produce the first commercial Kangaroo Island wine, under the Kangaroo Island Trading Company brand. The vineyard located on Kangaroo Island’s Cygnet River has the perfect growing climate. When combined with careful land nurturing and Amadio winemaking expertise, exceptional wines are produced. The Kangaroo Island range showcases the exceptional depth of Island terroir whilst including generous fruit flavours. See more from our Kangaroo Island Trading Co. Range here.