Barbera wine from the Adelaide Hills wine region, joins the Evanescence Range. Evidently it marks a realization of winemaker Danniel Amadio’s cherished aspirations. This remarkable achievement was made possible by a season abundant with fruits. It presented Danniel the golden opportunity to bring forth the essence of Italy’s beloved ‘people’s wine’. Stirred by narratives and moments on sun-kissed Italian balconies and picturesque terraces, Danniel’s imagination ignited a mission to transport these experiences to the Australian shores. This wine finds its perfect companion in the authenticity of wood-fired oven pizzas.

Winemaking is undeniably an art form which is characterized by the continuity of familiar flavours across vintages. Whereas the Evanescence Range is a fleeting masterpiece. This collection of wines emerges from unforeseen instances. Sparks of inspiration and crops that choose quality over quantity. Within this delightful wine, a symphony of aromas unfolds. Subsequently, you will find the richness of blackcurrants, the succulence of plums and the playful notes of cherry cola. They are accompanied by subtle suggestions of blueberries, a touch of oak-induced spice and the gentle warmth of black pepper. Anchored by a robust linear acidity, the wine’s structure is elegantly supported by velvety tannins that contribute to its lush texture. The marriage of generous fruitiness and enduring freshness lingers harmoniously, painting the palate with a final flourish of vibrant, crisp fruit flavours.

There is no doubt that once you have tried this wine, you will find yourself returning to it time and again. Undoubtedly drawn to its unique flavours, warmth and superior quality. See more from our Evanescence Range here.

2020 AWC Vienna: 2019 Evanescence Range Barbera Wine – Gold Medal