The Winemaker


Danniel's AMADIO wine embraces the best fruit flavors and 'terrior' chracteristics of each regional verital, producing wines of great depth and natural character.


As a Finalist in the 2009 Ernst & Young 'Entreprenuer of the year' and Finalist in the 2007 South Australian business awards for Hong Kong/China Entrepreneur for excellence in Bilateral Trade. Danniel's success in International trade and business has been well documented.

With dedication to producing premium quality wine in every bottle, Danniel assures all of his customers he has his finger on the  pulse in every aspect of prodution from the vine to the bottle.

Amadio Wines represents Danniel Amadio's contribution as the third generation to his family's successful winemaking legacy. Stemming from his grandfather's success in the early 30's and his parents success in the 90's, whose label rose to be acclaimed 'most awarded boutique label in Australia', Danniel is now continuing the family legacy.

The Amadio family pride themselves on the Italian heritage, which has aided them in sourcing the best quality food from around Australia and creating a top branding wine as Danniel personally selects the best fruit parcels from his family owned Kersbrook Vineyards in the Adelaide Hills.

Our Philosophy

 'Amadio Wines prides itself on its consistent standard of premium quality winemaking from 1936 vintage after vintage. Passing three generations, Amadio now stands as a nationally and internationally awarded and recognised brand. Indulge, and enjoy our premium wines with wonderful food and friends. Salute`!'