The History of Amadio Wines


A large dinner table surrounded by a big family.

Giovanni Amadio arrived in Australia from Italy in September 1927 without his wife of 2 years and son of 5 months, taking up residence as a boarder in the city of Adelaide.

Giovanni found a job as a Market Gardener in a fruit orchard at East Marden and never lost a days work from there on. In 1932 Giovanni paid for his wife and sons passage by ship, to join him in Australia, they arrived January 7th. In 1934 Giovanni purchased what became the family home and land at East Marden.


Giovanni Amadio raises his glass.

In 1936 Giovanni Amadio commercially registered his Dry Table Wine after years of making wine for family and friends. Giovanni sourced his grapes from leased vineyards nearby to make his well crafted wine from his cellar door in Adelaide. His lighter, drier style of wine grew rapidly popular with word spreading interstate and thus began a successful production over time with his family cultivating a sincere appreciation for premium winemaking.


Giovanni Amadio picks grapes in the vineyard.

Giovanni purchased more land in the following years from a former employer and grew mainly stone fruit such as peaches, apricots and plums and used the remaining vacant land to grow celery and potatoes. Giovanni's reputation for producing premium quality produce became well known in the East End Market.

In 1949 he was recruited to become a member of the SA Fruit Growers Association. This lead to a continued interest in development of the Market Garden Business through a vendors stall where he sold his produce to retailers and shops.


Gaetano Amadio surveys the vines in his Adelaide Hills vineyard.

In 1985 Giovanni's Son Gaetano, bravely utilized his inherited passion for winemaking by investing time and money into planting his first pilot vineyard in the pristine cool climate of the Adelaide Hills. His subsequent plantings, vision for the region and diligent work lead to his premium wines gracing the tabletops of restaurants and households throughout Australia and overseas. His dedication as a wine producer focused on quality and helped him build an enviable reputation for creating award winning wines.


A young Daniel Amadio helps to plant vines.

Success breeds success! As the winemaking generation continues with his son Danniel Amadio who aptly named the Amadio range of wines. Sourcing his premium fruit from the family's Kersbrook, Adelaide Hills vineyards, Danniel maintains limited case production of every wine range to ensure hands on production standards thereby honouring family custom.

The impressive acclaim of national and international trophies and gold medals awarded to Amadio wines thus far, vintage after vintage, bears testimony to a consistent standard of premium quality given its humble traditional beginnings of family winemaking.

Amadio has expanded since 2005 and now comprises of six different ranges across 21 different wines. Each range is designed for differing palettes around the world.